Tuesday Night’s State of the Union

Hours stand between the nation and the president’s State of the Union address this evening. As such, all eyes will be on Washington as Americans tune in to watch President Trump lean in on the economy, immigration, foreign policy, and national security.

After an active first year in office, Americans are settling into a president whose choice of weapon is Twitter and one who only stays on message when he absolutely has to. In moments such as when he addressed a joint session of Congress, Trump gave America pause as they breathed a sigh of relief in seeing the glimmer of a statesman unveiled beneath shock and awe tweets, colorful commentary, and a Trump first mentality.

Tonight’s State of the Union will be no different, Trump will show up, stay on message, and cause even the #NotMyPresident crowd to take note. For Americans who continue to shake their head in disbelief at 45, tonight’s address will leave them gobsmacked as they wonder why our nation cannot have this kind of president every day.

They are not wrong.

Until president Trump, America had found its groove with presidents who were polished, handled, and refined in the way they conducted themselves. Comparatively speaking, President Trump makes voters wonder if our nation had been led by Manchurian candidates with his predecessors.

In all seriousness, tonight’s State of the Union will be about policy, but Trump will also call for bipartisanship and unity, which will be a necessity if he wants to celebrate a win for his trillion dollar infrastructure package.

Another big thing to watch for this evening is for Trump to use his time to beat the GOP drum and do what he can from his podium to help boost Republican candidates seeking reelection. From taking credit for the booming economy to giving two thumbs up to the Republicans for the passage of the GOP led tax reform bill. Tonight’s State of the Union will be a mix between a blueprint for policy initiatives over the next year and calling for bipartisanship.

As Republicans take a victory lap tonight, expect to hear a lot of jeering from the left side of the aisle. Leading the jeering section will be Democratic Representative Joe Kennedy from Massachussetts who will offer the Dems rebuttal to Trump’s speech.

In the ongoing age of #FakeNews, watching the State of the Union on basic television and straying away from FoxNews, CNN, and/or MSNBC is HIGHLY encouraged. Let’s be real, seeing Trump read a prompter, stay on message, and come off as the president most Americans are longing for, it is best viewed #unfilitered.

May we recommend watching the State of the Union here.