GOP Brings Home a Win for America

The 2014 midterm elections served as a referendum on Obama and the job he’s doing as president. In a press conference the day after the election, Obama noted, “to everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. For the Democrats sake, let’s hope he isn’t bluffing.

Last Tuesday Republicans swept the country, turning blue states red and taking back Washington by storm. Picking up 7 seats in the Senate and 12 in the House, the GOP finished strong on Election Day leaving Democrats on the losing side of this year’s midterm elections.

After suffering a devastating loss in 2012, Republicans rallied early on and laid the foundation for 2014. Throughout the election, Democrats relied on the same tattered playbook they used in 2008, while the GOP employed a new and improved digital strategy to identify and turnout low propensity voters. Starting with their ground game, the GOP recruited local grassroots operatives to reach voters, and began employing a permanent grassroots field operation called, Victory 365.

While Obama was not on the ballot, this didn’t stop the GOP from embracing his missteps as Commander in Chief. Republicans focused on the failing Obama policies such as the botched rollout of Obamacare, the inaction on immigration, and the absence of strategy with ISIS in Syria. Try as they might, Democratic candidates were unable to distance themselves from Obama and his policies, causing voters to look at Republican candidates as a viable solution to the problems plaguing Washington.

On November 4th, Americans headed to the polls and cast their vote for a Republican controlled Congress. Fed up with the gridlock in Washington, voters said At the end of the day, voters said enough is enough and stood with Republicans to get the change they were promised in 2008. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “It’s morning in America.