Trey Radel’s Democrazy: A Book Review

“Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years.”

In the former Congressman Trey Radel’s new book, “Democrazy” he provides an unfiltered look into the world of campaigning, Congress, and the events leading up to and after his drug bust. Radel’s story is not your average ascension into the political arena. It’s real and raw. 

Radel’s memoir paints a vivid picture of what it means to be a public servant. Peeling back the layers and shedding light on the inner workings of Washington and the reality of how gray areas exist within Congress, Radel brings the reader into the underbelly of our legislative system one music lyric at a time. Using just the right amount of humor to sprinkling policy stances throughout the book, Democrazy is everything you would expect from a guy who went from FOX News interviews to front page headlines on TMZ after getting busted for buying cocaine from an undercover FBI Agent. 

The story is gripping and compelling, not because of the drug bust, but because of its raw honesty, and Radel’s ability to convey a genuine tone in his writing. Democrazy brings the reader into a world which requires little knowledge of the political arena and shows them first hand what it is like to be an elected Congressman. From the rigors of the schedule to the cutthroat world of dialing for dollars, Democrazy is the untold story of why it is so difficult to get things done in the nation’s capital.

Radel’s libertarian stances as well as his commitment to working across the aisle in Washington paints a compelling story of a guy who truly loves his country and his time as a public servant. Democracy is the epitome of what happens after Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in 2012. The reality of the pressure and the big league decisions that each elected person must handle as well as the strain put on families of elected officials is something rarely exposed outside the beltway.

While Radel may have gained notoriety as the first Congressman to be busted buying cocaine from an undercover FBI Agent, his story is more than an 8ball of coke and VIP partying in the DC nightlife. It is a no holds barred account of why Washington is broken and how out of control government spending is. The grim reality of Washington being broken in how it operates is exposed and examined throughout the pages. However, Radel’s altruism does not waver as he tackled egregious spending in the realm of sheep shearing and worked valiantly to forge a path across the aisle.

At first glance, Democrazy may seem like a fun-filled page turner of alcohol, drugs, and high end dinners, but the book provides more. While it is not an average political memoir, it does hold its own in the political book arena. The biggest difference is this Democrazy speaks to a broad audience and brings a voice to the young politicians giving the next generation of leaders a place to look for solutions, especially when it comes to working across the aisle. 

Overall, Political Hype rates Trey Radel’s Democrazy five out of five stars. Democrazy is a must read for anyone who has ever voted and wondered why Congress is unable to get anything done. In the words of Drake, “sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination,” and this has never been more apparent than in the in pages of Trey Radel’s memoir Democrazy. This is one book we will be recommending to everyone we know.